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Dr. Charles McVety, National Chair, and Dr. Frank Dimant, CEO of CUFI Canada (Christians United for Israel) issued the following statement:

CUFI Canada congratulates Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party on their electoral success and looks forward to working with the new government towards the same goals that all three major political parties have always expressed, namely, security and peace in the Mideast for Israel and all its neighbours. We appreciated the Harper Government’s moral stand in defence of Israel and we are hopeful that this Government will continue to view Israel as an ally and not seek a position of neutrality.

CUFI Canada also applauds its fellow Canadians for their participation in this year’s federal election which once again demonstrated the great civility of Canadians as they expressed, examined and formulated their political will in an entirely peaceful manner. Such civil conduct is not necessarily standard.

Just while Canadians were conducting their peaceful vote, Hamas leaders in the Gaza territory were encouraging and goading their Palestinian brethren in Israel to conduct suicide bombings and “car attacks” which occur when a civilian car suddenly veers out of traffic and plows into a group of innocent and unwarned pedestrians.

At the same time, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas also incites his people to engage in any form of violence they can muster against any Israeli they can access, children included. His incitement extends to the children of his own people thus guaranteeing they grow up with blind hatred, immune to offers of peace.

We know that Justin Trudeau, who is on record for both condemning terrorist attacks by Hamas and guaranteeing Israel’s right to security, will want to position Canada against such incitements and non-peaceful demonstrations of political aggression and we at CUFI Canada look forward to assisting our government find such solutions.

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WE RECOGNIZE that Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people so they have every right to maintain and defend the modern State of Israel in fulfillment of this historic fact.

WE MAINTAIN that there is no excuse for acts of terrorism against Israel, and that Israel has the same right as every other

nation, to defend her citizens from such attacks.

WE PLEDGE TO STAND WITH OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN Israel and to speak out on their behalf whenever and wherever necessary, until the terror attacks stop and all Israelis finally live in peace and security with their neighbours.

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