Israel Brings Together Both Sides of Canadian Parliament to Fight BDS

Dr. Charles McVety, national chair of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Canada, the largest pro Israel advocacy organization in the country, applauds the bipartisan initiative undertaken by Canada’s Members of Parliament. Today in the House of Commons, a bill presented by the Conservative party was supported by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to condemn Boycotts, Divestment or Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Dr. McVety expressed the hope that the clarity found through Israel on this issue bless the House with further clarity to uphold Canadian values such as the sanctity of life.

Professor Frank Dimant, Dean of the Modern Israel Studies Department, Canada Christian College hailed this bill as a clear demonstration of Canadian opposition to the anti-Semitic BDS movement which focuses on demonizing the state of Israel and the Jewish people and nothing else. For this reason, Professor Dimant was regretfully shocked that the New Democratic Party withheld its support from the bill, joining instead with the demonizers.


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