Christian and Jewish leaders Flabbergasted Over Canadian Government Gift to UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency)

Friday February 19, 2016
Christian and Jewish leaders Flabbergasted Over Canadian Government Gift to UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency)

Dr. Charles McVety, national chair of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Canada, the largest pro Israel advocacy organization in the country, has strongly denounced the Trudeau government’s plan to give $15 million to an agency known for its support of terrorists and anti-Semitism.

“At a time when the PLO and Hamas are inciting a knifing intifada throughout Israel with over 170 innocent victims, it is outrageous for our government to give $15,000,000 of taxpayers’ money to reward the terrorist regime in Gaza via UNRWA. This agency has been proven to be teaching hate, promoting violence and anti-Semitism. We ask that the Trudeau government reconsider its gift. The Canadian people should be assured that this country will not support terrorism directly or indirectly.”

Professor Frank Dimant, Dean of the Modern Israel Studies Department, Canada Christian College and well known spokesman for grassroots Canadian Jewry said

“During the recent election there were intense efforts to convince the Jewish community that the Liberal party would continue the support for Israel that existed. Now, the Liberal government interprets that as remaining neutral. However, by reversing the previous government’s position against funding organizations that help promote Hamas and its goal of eradicating the Jewish homeland, we are becoming an active player, not on the side of our sister democracy Israel but rather on the side of radical Islamic terrorism. Canadians need to speak out immediately and loudly as this policy of ‘neutrality’ will surely lead us in the coming years to a dangerous situation akin to the European experience.”


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