June 2, 2016

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Canada reminds everyone to celebrate the Biblical type miracles that God performs in modern times. Such celebration will be particularly appropriate this Sunday, June 5, 2016 because it will be the 49th anniversary (on the Hebrew calendar) of the reunification of the Old City of Jerusalem with the modern State of Israel.

This was achieved in 1967 when Israel was forced to defend itself against unprovoked aggression from all its neighbours who then had overwhelming military superiority. God reversed that and gave Israel air superiority by arranging for a miraculous grouping of events in the one hour that Israel chose to start its defense. Just in that one hour the enemy air patrol was grounded for unknown reasons! The anti-aircraft were ordered shut down because senior high command were flying somewhere in the area! Enemy intelligence reports became unintelligible because they were sent with the wrong code, etc.! Miracles happened on the ground too. Some enemy officers made the silliest mistakes while others reported their limbs became inexplicably frozen and they could not raise them to fire their weapons!

Jewish communities across Canada will be marking the day in special ways and welcome all who wish to attend. Mizrachi Canada (a religious Zionist movement) is particularly active in this area and can be reached at mizrachi@rogers.com for more information.

Celebrating God’s miracles is good for everyone because it connects you to God and opens the door for personal miracles, both open and hidden. Join in.



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